1 Inch Sample Cutter
1 Inch Sample Cutter
1 Inch - 1/2 Inch Sample Cutter

Interchangeable blade holders

Safe, easy blade replacement

Stainless steel drum

Multiple sample sizes in one cut

Blade adjustment any size in1/2" increments

Right or left hand operation

Self-aligning blade holders

Fixed sizes available
10mm 15mm 25 mm
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1 Inch Sample Cutter
Zebedee® RFC-20 Sample Cutter features accuracy and reproducibility in sample preparation. Use anywhere thin sample material needs to be cut into rectangular strips of varying lengths up to 14" and widths adjustable instantly in 1/2" increments. Now you have a 1 inch sample-strip cutter or 1/2 inch sample cutter 0r 4 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch all in one cut! You can cut multiple sizes at the same time! We also offer non adjustable sizes made to order ie.10 mm 15mm 25mm . Call us we will make what you need!